COLORAMA bookshelf

Catalog is a serial publiaction about cataloging written by Lieven Lahaye and designed by Ott Metusala

This is catalog #14
The previous 13 catalogs – a hodgepodge collection of ephemeral objects (gallery texts, postcards, flyers, measurement tapes, bumper stickers, kitchen towels...) – were produced to support events or performances and dealt with topics, such as the life of my worn-down copy machine, every copy of S,M,L,XL I've ever seen, forms of vertical organization (coming out strongly against 'the pile' and in favor of 'the stack'), desperate measures by way of the metric system, etc.

This catalog – #14 – is both an overview of the previous 13 catalogs as well as it is the handiest of the catalog tools – an addendum: providing corrections and context where necessary and summarizing projects when the summary sounds more poignant then the catalog ever was.

Published and printed by Colorama on the occasion of 'Books on Books' – a week-long event on the topic of publishing and collecting, hosted by Anna Bergquist, Johanna Maierski and Kathrin Schömer.