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AA BB CC is a publication by Tea Palmelund and Flemming Ove Bech.

The trancendental training tactics of a super migrant; power move.
Breathe deep.
Welcome to paradise.
Test pressing of this world –
a three of you**.
A shelf to collect the original tapes. Large sounds and deep choices. Emotions tightly tucked, lush.
These feelings sneak heat as days pass. W and P
**recovered from compact flash.

AA BB CC is published and printed by Colorama on the occasion of 'Books on Books' – a week-long event on the topic of publishing and collecting, hosted by Anna Bergquist, Johanna Maierski and Kathrin Schömer. Berlin, August 2017.
18,5x27,5cm, 68 pages, risoprint in hunter green and black on Metapaper extrarough 150g, cover in 300gsm. Suisse brochure with black glue-binding, first edition of 100.